Jun 27, 2023

Was Masters Tournament Lawsuit A Hoax?

Flagler County, FL was once a place known for it’s beautiful beaches and friendly residents. Those things are incredible, but what about it’s conservative leadership and examples of strong policy leading the state?

After a short lived lawsuit against the Joe Mullins Companies the questionable Arizona based opponent has not received the outcome they expected. 

       The Arizona based business stated the Joe Mullins Companies took money, and did not deliver tickets to the 2023 Masters Tournament. The Joe Mullins Companies stood their ground, and delivered tickets they had available, and refunding any money that they were given for tickets that were not available.

 The Joe Mullins Companies filed summary judgement showing it was all a frivolous lawsuit. Upon reading the summary judgement, the attorney of the Arizona-based firm immediately contacted the attorney team of the Joe Mullins Companies to settle it in mediation. This showed a bad standard of leadership from the beginning, that was merely not true.

       The Arizona-based opponent fabricated a storyline that The Joe Mullins Companies, specifically the Mullins Sports and Entertainment division, was involved in counterfeit tickets for the 2023 Masters Tournament. The storyline crumbled, and the Joe Mullins Companies prevailed with a victory in the courts. 

  In a recent statement from Joe Mullins he said, “I am very happy with the outcome of this matter. The Joe Mullins Companies has been, and will always be, an ethical business striving to set itself apart from those who look to fabricate stories that tell otherwise. Our standard of doing business with Fortune 500 companies has allowed us to continue growing sales year after year.”

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