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Access comprehensive guidance and resources across real estate, events, charity, politics, and the radio show.


Forge strategic collaborations to expand your reach and opportunities in diverse sectors.


Benefit from multi-dimensional impact, leveraging our expertise and network for greater success.

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Expect excellence and shared success. Shape a better future together. We bring together the brightest minds, the boldest ideas, and the most innovative solutions.


Showcasing the best of Florida’s entertainment scene and beyond.

Real Estate Insights

Sharing valuable information and trends in the real estate industry.

Lifestyle Tips

Providing practical tips for living, working, shopping, and playing in Florida.

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Delighting customers with exceptional service and proven results at The Joe Mullins Companies.

“Amani came through and helped me out as it got closer to my move-in date. She made it super easy for me. I really appreciate all of her help”

Kadajah Amorah

“Hammock beach is very fun and peaceful! The condo was super close to the beach and walkable to the resort! Recommend for families!”


“It was our first visit! Definitely met our expectations. Beautiful surroundings, great restaurants with entertainment, and enjoyed shopping!”


“Professional, Friendly, Welcoming”


Meet Our President

Joe Mullins is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind The Joe Mullins Companies. With a passion for real estate, sports, and entertainment, he leads with integrity, fostering success and making dreams come true.


An innovative leader shaping the future with visionary ideas.


A generous soul creating positive impact through philanthropy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive about Live, Work, Shop, Play. If you have any other questions, feel free to use the contact form on our website.

What topics does the Live, Work, Shop, Play in FL Radio Show cover?

The Live, Work, Shop, Play in FL Radio Show explores various aspects of Florida’s lifestyle, including real estate, entertainment, events, and more.

How can I tune in to the Live, Work , Shop, Play in FL Radio Show?

You can listen to the show through our website or tune in to our broadcast on select radio stations in Florida.

Can I participate in the Live, Work, Shop, Play in FL Radio Show as a guest or contributor?

We welcome guest appearances and contributions from individuals and businesses with valuable insights and stories about Florida living.

How does the Live, Work, Shop, Play in FL Radio Show engage its audience?

Our interactive format encourages audience participation through live call-ins, social media engagement, and exciting contests and giveaways.

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